Special Olympics Iowa is being impacted by the Coronavirus

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The Special Olympics Iowa is now being impacted by the Coronavirus.

The organization has decided to cancel all their events for 2020, organizers say this was the best decision amidst the pandemic.

Karen Whitman is the marketing and communications coordinator for Special Olympics Iowa and said that canceling all of the events was a tough decision but it had to be done.

“Unfortunately this year we will not be holding any of our spring or summer games that taking place between now and end of May,” said Whitman. “The entire Special Olympics community that involves volunteers our supports, the families of the athletes, athletes unified partners everyone so the decision was made because even with the precautions we can take it just wasn’t going to be safe.”

Beth Pogue’s son has been part of the special olympics since he was 8 years old

“He’s 34 and its something we’ve done for years multiple time a year for a long long time I think it really hit home,” said Pogue. “They really look forward to this you know the practices thats their friends their social group and for them to not get together it’s hard on them.”

Whitman says their goal is for their athletes to somehow stay connected.

“We building some ways for our athletes not only atheltes but the general public communities in Iowa to stay connected,” said Whitman.

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