Speed Cameras coming to LeClaire in the near future

Local News

LeClaire, Iowa — The city council of LeClaire approved a contract with a speed camera vendor late last week, which is the next step for the city to have cameras in the downtown area. However, residents and business owners have mixed reactions to the idea of having camera enforcing speed laws in LeClaire.

“I’m really kind of oppose to it,” Dan Klutho, LeClaire resident, said.

Klutho is concerned that cameras could take the place of officers patrolling the streets, and he is not in support of that.

“With machines coming in, I think that it’s going to cut into some of the hours of the police department,” Klutho said. “So, rather than relying on the machine pulling people over and giving citations i would just prefer, if I’m going to get pulled over I’d rather get pull over by a police person not a machine.”

At the same time, Klutho believes something needs to be done about the speeding through downtown LeClaire, but he prefers a police officer to be involved.

“I think just them setting along the highway is going to be a  deterrent in itself,” Klutho said. “Anytime you see a police car on the side you start feeling these guilty thinking oh I’m speeding I better slow down. I think that would be a deterrent.”

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