By Mike McGuire for Local 4 News

Hometown driver Spencer Diercks finally captured a big one at Davenport Speedway. Spencer dominated the Lucas Oil MLRA race held here Friday night.

Diercks set quick time in qualifying with a lap of 13.354. He led every lap of his heat race and then led 28 of the 30 laps of the feature.

Diercks briefly let outside pole sitter Chris Simpson take the lead for laps two and three, before regaining the lead. Chad Simpson would track down his brother to finish in the runner up spot. Frank Heckenast Jr. and Kolby Vandenbergh would round out the top five. The race went all thirty laps caution free.

Dubuque’s Joel Callahan brought home a winner in Petersen Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Model action. Callahan wrestled the lead from Luke Merfeld and led the last five laps en route to the win. Merfeld would hold on to finish second. Justin Kay started tenth and battled traffic all race before finishing third. Chuck Hanna was fourth and Andy Nezworski fifth.

Eriksen Chevrolet IMCA Modified portion of the program was the Ronnie Weedon Memorial race. Travis Denning made it two straight Weedon Memorial victories. Denning started sixth, but worked his way into the lead on lap 14 passing Matt Werner. Werner would hold on to finish second. Bryce Garnhart, Chris Zogg, and Drew Janssen finished third through fifth in that order.

Logan Veloz worked a little magic in the IMCA SportMod feature. Veloz started 14th and quickly drove to fifth by the time the caution flag flew on lap three. On the restart Veloz completed his run to the front. Once in the lead Logan would not be denied the victory. Jesse Bodin slashed his way to a second place finish. Ben Chapman came from deep in the field to finish third. Todd Dykema and David Engelkens rounded out the top five.

Landen Chrestensen finally broke through for his first Koehler Electric Street Stock feature win. Chrestensen started sixth and slowly worked his way into second. When race leader Jake Lund came up off the bottom, Landen pounced on the opportunity and took the lead for good. Jeff Struck Jr. started eighth, but needed all fifteen laps to finish second. Lund held on to finish third, followed by Joe Bonney and Cary Brown.

The Nostalgic Stock Car Racing Club were on hand to round out the program. Their feature gave the tow trucks a work-out. An unusually high number of cautions filled their feature. Terry Mattly survived the mayhem to collect the win. Jeff Walker and Andrew Hamburg finished second and third respectively.

Lucas Oil MLRA will wrap up their three-night weekend swing on Saturday night with a return visit to the Maquoketa Speedway. Defending race winner Tony Jackson Jr. will look to defend his win from a year ago.

Next Friday, August 19th, will be season championship night at Davenport Speedway. Then August 25-27, it is time for the Quad Cities 150.  Three straight nights of the World of Outlaws Case Construction Equipment Late Models.


Davenport Speedway                                                                                                                                                     

August 12, 2022 –

Lucas Oil MLRA Series

Qualifying: Spencer Diercks 13.534 seconds

Heat #1: 1. Spencer Diercks; 2. Tony Jackson Jr.; 3. Kolby Vandenbergh; 4. Mark Burgtorf; 5. Jonathan Huston;

Heat #2: 1. Chris Simpson; 2. Chad Simpson; 3. Justin Kay; 4. Rickey Frankel; 5. Steve Stultz;

Heat #3: 1. Frank Heckenast Jr.; 2. Daniel Hilsabeck; 3. Austin Howes; 4. Brandon Queen; 5. Sawyer Specht;

Feature: 1. Spencer Diercks; 2. Chad Simpson; 3. Chris Simpson; 4. Frank Heckenast Jr.; 5. Kolby Vandenbergh; 6. Tony Jackson Jr.; 7. Daniel Hisabeck; 8. Tim Simpson; 9. Mark Burgtorf; 10. Brandon Queen; 11. Sawyer Specht; 12. Steve Stultz; 13. Tegan Evans; 14. Jonathan Huston; 15. Austin Howes; 16. Rickey Frankel; 17. Gary Webb; 18. Paul Parker; (1-DQ)

IMCA Late Models

Heat #1: 1. Chris Lawrence; 2. Joel Callahan; 3. Andy Nezworski; 4. Joe Beal; 5. Bryce Garnhart;

Heat #2: 1. Nick Marolf; 2. Chuck Hanna; 3. Cory Dumpert; 4. Luke Merfeld; 5. Jake Waterman;

Heat #3: 1. Justin Kay; 2. Don Pataska; 3. Matt Ryan; 4. Fred Remley; 5. Mack Mulvany;

Feature: 1. Joel Callahan; 2. Luke Merfeld; 3. Justin Kay; 4. Chuck Hanna; 5. Andy Nezworski; 6. Matt Ryan; 7. Bryce Garnhart; 8. Cory Dumpert; 9. Jacob Waterman; 10. Chris Lawrence; 11. Joe Beal; 12. Mack Mulvany; 13. Alex Banks; 14. Mike Haines; 15. Doug Burkhead; 16. Nick Marolf; 17. Scott Strauss; 18. Fred Remley; 19. Don Pataska; 20. Andrew Chelf; 21. Anthony Franklin; 22. Colton Leal; 23. LeRoy Brenner;

IMCA Modifieds

Heat #1: 1. Brad Dierks; 2. Chris Zogg; 3. Travis Denning; 4. Stephan Kammerer; 5. Kurt Kile;

Heat #2: 1. Jason Pershy; 2. Matt Stein; 3. Bryce Ganrhart; 4. Craig Crawford; 5. Eric Barnes;

Heat #3: 1. Tony VonDresky; 2. Mike McKinney; 3. Matt Werner; 4. Josh Geigle; 5. Charlie Mohr;

Feature: 1. Travis Denning; 2. Matt Werner; 3. Bryce Garnhart; 4. Chris Zogg; 5. Drew Janssen; 6. Mitch Morris; 7. Charlie Mohr; 8. Eric Barnes; 9. Mike McKinney; 10. Stephan Kammerer; 11. Matt Stein; 12. Kurt Kile; 13. Josh Geigle; 14. Jeremy Gustaf; 15. Craig Crawford; 16. Jon Coombs; 17. Brad Dierks; 18. Dustifn Smith; 19. Tony VonDresky; 20. Jason Pershy; 21. Rob Dominacki; 22. Mitch Way; 23. Ryan DeShaw; 24. Bob Dominacki;

IMCA SportMod

Heat #1: 1. Kevin Goben; 2. Ryan Reed; 3. Kasey Williams; 4. Sean Wyett; 5. Chris Hesseling;

Heat #2: 1. Cody Clausen; 2. David Engelkens; 3. Todd Dykema; 4. Levi Heath; 5. Logan Velo;

Heat #3: 1. Jesse Bodin; 2. Kevin Rasdon; 3. Ben Chapman; 4. Justin Schroeder; 5. Mitch Strayer;

Feature: 1. Logan Veloz; 2. Jesse Bodin; 3. Ben Chapman; 4. Todd Dykekma; 5. David Engelkens; 6. Kevin Goben; 7. Levi Heath; 8. Mitch Strayer; 9. Brandon Jewell; 10. Ryan Reed; 11. Rance Powell; 12. Bryan Ritter; 13. Kasey Williams; 14. Rayce Mullen; 15. Sean Wyett; 16. Justin Schroeder; 17. Kevin Rasdon; 18. Cody Clausen; 19. Ron Schwartzkopf; 20. Dakota Cole; 21. Josh Woodruff; 22. Chris Hesseling; 23. Don Hatfield;

Street Stocks

Heat #1: 1. Jeff Struck Jr.; 2. Shad Murphy; 3. Jake Lund; 4. Trevor Tucker; 5. Landen Chrestensen;

Heat #2: 1. Jesse Owen; 2. Joe Bonney; 3. Dave Wadsager; 4. Cary Brown; 5. Joe Zrostlik;

Feature: 1. Landen Chrestensen; 2. Jeff Struck Jr.; 3. Jake Lund; 4. Joe Bonney; 5. Cary Brown; 6. Joe Zrostlik; 7. Trevor Tucker; 8. Jesse Owen; 9. Rick Schriner; 10. Kyler Hickenbottom; 11. Roger Rickels; 12. Dave Wadsager; 13. Shad Murphy; 14. Colby Hixson;

Nostalgic Stock Car Racing Club

Heat #1: 1. Andrew Hamburg; 2. Ray Guss Jr.; 3. Jeff Walker; 4. Matthew Hirst; 5. Jeff Adams;

Heat #2: 1.  Scott Vanbuskirk; 2. Tom Honts; 3. Austin Honts; 4. Mark Claeys; 5. Jeff Hollenbeck;

Feature: 1. Terry Mattly; 2. Jeff Walker; 3. Andrew Hamburg; 4. Scott Vanbuskirk; 5. Mark Claeys; 6. Austin Honts; 7. Zane Zimmerman; 8. Jamie Huff; 9. Jeff Hollenbeck; 10. Jeff Adams; 11. Ray Guss Jr.; 12. Matthew Hirst ; 13. Jarrett Claeys;