The City of Bettendorf has decided not to open Splash Landing to the public for the rest of this season.

Bettendorf has been investigating issues with the paint that was used in the Splash Landing pool since May.

The pool was painted in September 2021 and since opening this year, the paint has been steadily deteriorating.

The city has tried several possible solutions that were recommended by the paint manufacturers.

It has been determined, when hundreds of swimmers are in the pool at one time, the failure of the paint causes the water to become cloudy and it is not possible to see the black lines at the bottom of the pool, making it unsafe to a large number of visitors.

It is possible to open to small groups for a short period of time, as the filters can clear the water before the cloudiness becomes a safety concern.

Swimming lessons, lap swims, private rentals and paid parks programs will continue as scheduled.

Anyone holding a summer pool pass will be eligible for a full refund.