Sports Bar and Grill owners react to sports being postponed

Local News

Many sporting events have been either cancelled or postponed. March is usually a busy month for bars with people coming out to watch March Madness, the NHL, and NBA. Without that Brandon Albertson, owner of Brandon’s Pub and Grill said he will need to get creative.

“Throughout the month of March and going into spring as things start to heat up and will wanna be outside. We do have our beer garden so if you want to enjoy the weather.” Albertson said. “People like to walk, people like to enjoy their time with their families outside during this time of year and you know we can do Bags tournaments. We can do things to get creative to get people. If you can’t watch a sport you can do a sport.”

Albertson also said that he doesn’t rely on sports for revenue and is committed to serving the community no matter what.

“We don’t rely on sports to make our business.” Said Albertson. “Most importantly we rely on quality service, quality food, and an environment that people want to relax in and enjoy with their family time so that’s really our priority.”

One resident told Local Four that he had a trip planned to Wrigley Field in April and is disappointed about baseball season being suspended, but understands that this is for the best.

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