Sports betting in Iowa has pros and amateurs legally placing bets

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Step right up to casinos in Iowa to place a bet on sports teams.

Sports gambling became legal in Iowa at noon Thursday.

At the Isle Casino in Bettendorf, Mayor Bob Gallagher placed the first bet. He bet the over on the Iowa Hawkeyes wins this season.

Some people were placing bets for their first time.

“It was really exciting,” said Hannah Bigot. “I only put $3 on it, but it’s fun to participate.”

Some sports bettors are glad to have a place in the Midwest to offer this.

“I’ve been waiting for a while,” said Greg Roots. “There’s all kinds of other gambling so I don’t see any reason why sports betting can’t be allowed as well.”

Future betting is one of the ways people can play along. A person would bet for a team to win the championship and wait all season to see if the bet comes true.

For individual games, people can bet over/under on the total of points. Another way is to look at the point spread and money line to see which team will win.

If this sounds a little complicated, there are ticket writers at casinos to help assist people in placing their bets.

At the Isle Casino, it only takes $2 to place a bet.

Sports betting is also available online, as long as the person is in the state of Iowa when the bet is taking place.

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