St. Ambrose school officials remind students of campus security measures

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The shooting at Western Illinois University has a lot of you concerned about the safety of students in college in the Quad Cities Area.

Local 4 reached out to local universities to find out how they try to prevent something like this.

Robert Christopher Security Director of SAU says the recent shooting at WIU is tragic.

“Our hearts here go out to everybody who was involved in that situation. It’s one of the most frightening things you can picture happening anywhere in our country at this point,” says Christoper.

Christopher says school officials at SAU have security protocol in place to keep students at the university safe. Starting with what’s called a behavioral intervention team.

“We try to identify any student that’s struggling early on. Much of the research shows acts of violence are thought out,” says Christopher.

Step two is preparing the campus.

“We offer a program called ALICE (Alert, Lock-down, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) which many people are already familiar with. So every staff member, and faculty has had some introduction of training to what to do,” says Christopher.

There’s also an app called ‘Live Safe’ that students can use to report problems or suspicious behavior.

“They can actually text to my lead officer cellphone. They can request an escort, and report an incident,” says Christopher. “We use an electronic system that would allow us to work quickly to secure multiple buildings on campus than if we had to run around with a key. So all of that goes together in terms of trying to prepare for really the unthinkable.”

Christopher also says the university works with the Davenport Police Department to develop policies that will allow them to respond.

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