St. Mark’s Anglican Church along with other organizations are reaching a big milestone on their food drive

Local News

Organizations in the Quad Cities teamed up to help families during the pandemic.

The Tri-City Jewish Federation, Riverbend Food Bank, Silvis School District, Silvis Library and Saint Mark’s Anglican Church will be reaching a big milestone tomorrow.

After giving out food for the past 10 weeks, on Friday they will have given out over 100,000 pounds of fresh produce for families in need.

In the previous weeks cars have been lining up at Saint Mark’s parking lot starting at 9 a.m. to get some food.

“Food reaches all people everyone has to eat doesn’t matter your race, creed or religion you pull into the parking lot no questions asked except for how much would you like and then we load you out that’s it,” said Father Jason Bowden.

The food pantry will be on Friday at noon at Saint Mark’s Anglican Church in Silvis.

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