Geneseo Police say the standoff lasted for more than an hour and a half and ended when a United States Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force member shot and killed Jeffrey Blunk.

It started around 4:00 Tuesday morning this morning after Henry County Deputies attempted a traffic stop in the village of Atkinson.

During that stop police say Blunk fired from a shotgun at the deputies before running off.

Law enforcement from different agencies assisted in the search.

Officers say Blunk was armed when they found him on US Highway 6 and Dilenback Drive

They say they tried negotiating with Blunk before an officer with the US Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force shot him.

“Personally I’m aware of how dangerous this person can be. When I go back inside the house the doors are going to be locked,” says Atkinson neighbor, Kay Richards.

The danger escalates. After deputies say 30-year-old Jefferey Blunk fired a shotgun at them. .

That lead to a several hour long search. Then eventually leads to a stand-off on Highway 6 and Dilenbeck in Geneseo.

A sea of red and blue lights seen all over the area.

Jeff Rakestraw lives right outside from where the stand-off happened.

“My house is right where all the action happened. They are right in front of my mailbox,” says Rakestraw.

He says he was looking outside his window to see what was happening.

“That’s when I see officers around like 3 or 4 roughly around this White Ford Ranger. They were talking to the driver. The door is open and there was an officer in the back of the vehicle that lifted up the door for the topper, and he hollers gun. They holler at the driver hey get your hands up get out,” says Rakestraw.

After police escorted him from his house. That’s when Rakestraw realized it was stand-off. It lasted nearly 2 hours.

“The incident resulted in an officer involved shooting and the death of Mr. Blunk,” says Captain Chris Engress with the Illinois State Police of Criminal Investigation.

Although it’s unclear on why Blunk was stopped by officers, or what the determining factor was to shoot. Engress says the incident will be furthered reviewed.

“So we will put together a very through investigate package that will be given to the Henry County State Attorney’s to be reviewed,” says Engress.

Police say Blunk was wanted for several crimes from Tuesday morning. This includes aggravated discharge of a firearm, attempted murder of police officer, home invasion, aggravated kidnapping, and outstanding felony warrants.

The Illinois State Police is now investigating.