As part of Phase Four for Illinois, movie theaters will be able to reopen. The Sterling Theater is opening their doors back up this Friday after being closed since mid March. General Manager, Lori Vanoosten says it’s been a long few months.

“We’ve been looking forward to it since we had to close down.”

One challenge right now facing theaters is that there aren’t any new movies coming out until the end of July so they had to get creative. A few movies came out right before the shutdown and they’re going to show those this weekend.

“We’re going to bring in Trolls which just went to DVD, straight to video because no one really got to see it on the big screen.” Said Vanoosten. “Then another movie called The Way Back which has opened up right before everything shut down and it’s gonna be like a feel good kind of movie that I think everyone needs to see right now.”

After those movies are shown, they have a plan in place to keep movie goers coming back.

“We’re looking at some older movies to bring back. We did a flashback series last year during the summer and it was very popular.” Vanoosten said. “People liked coming in and seeing a movie on the big screen so we’re gonna kind of go with that for the next few weeks.”

The theater has two screens that seat about 200 people, but right now with the restrictions in effect for Illinois, each theater can only seat 50 people.

“The way it’s gonna work is we have our system that’s gonna automatically close off every other row and then as people buy their tickets they can buy them in their group or their family to sit together, but as soon as they purchase their tickets it’s automatically gonna seek out three seats.”

Vanoosten highly recommends that guests purchase their tickets online so they can pick out their seats and skip the line at the ticket booth.