Still missing: A son vanishes 7 months ago; a worried father clings to hope

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A father from Burlington seeks answers after his 50-year-old son disappeared seven months ago.

Troy Dougherty disappeared on July 14 last year. Dougherty and his father James Seaborn worked together to restore houses and flip them.

Dougherty’s father, James Seaborn, says he never returned home from work that night and has been missing ever since.

Troy Dougherty has been missing since July 14. Dougherty and his father, James Seaborn, both were handymen and would flip houses. They were in the process of restoring two more houses in Burlington.

That night, Troy pulled up to his house when he got home from work, but his father says he never walked in the door. This has left Seaborn with many unanswered questions.

“Seeing his truck pull up … Did he go in the house, did he walk off somewhere else down an alley to a house, did he get in another vehicle with somebody?” Seaborn wonders.

Seaborn and his wife adopted Troy when he was 12. He was one of many foster kids they took in. Seaborn says, out of all of them, he had a special connection with Troy.

“He was the most loyal. I sat in a hospital room for days and he would never leave,” Seaborn said. “He would never go home. They would bring him a tray of food every time they brought me one. They were so impressed that he would just sit in that chair next to me.”

Seaborn says he could tell that, from a young age, Troy was really smart. He became very good at building things.

“He was always pulling radios, TVs, things that were broken out of toasters, things out of the garbage, and he would tinker with them,” Seaborn said. “I remember I had a four-plex. I had it gutted and I showed him how to do the electric and all the new wiring on two walls.”

“He was 14 years old,” Seaborn said. “He did that whole four-plex.”

As time passes, Seaborn says he knows the possibility Troy still is alive is bleak: “I honestly don’t think that I will get his remains in my lifetime.”

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