Stolen car caught on video crashing into Davenport home

Local News

On Monday, a car drove into a tree at the intersection of 61st and Scott Street in Davenport. That crash was deja vu for Carol McAnnelly after a car crashed into her home back in May. Some juveniles stole a car and crashed into the house, which was quite a wake-up call for her and her husband.

“There was a huge bang. It sounded like a bomb going off, and obviously, my husband and I jumped out of bed. There was a car that had hit our house. He ran outside as I called 911, and we saw three or four kids running from our house.”

The scene was quite hectic, and it woke up the neighbors as well.

“The car was still running when they took off, and it was smoking, so at that point, we honestly didn’t even know if the house was on fire or not.”

Police say the car was stolen. In the surveillance video, you can see the car hitting McAnnelly’s car, totaling it in the process, and then hitting her house, causing significant damage.

“It put holes in several parts of our siding. We discovered it also put a crack on the inside of our house, right above where they hit it, and they also hit it so hard that it moved the shingles on the roof.”

The repairs took a long time because of COVID, but they finished up last week. However, just days later, there was another scare, but in the end, a tree protected McAnnelly’s house from being hit again.

“I texted a few people to show them the car, and where it was in reference to my house if the tree had not been there, and I got several messages saying it’s time to move.”

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