Union members on strike at Eaton Corporation in Davenport have now been on the picket line for about two weeks.

Thursday night, they got support from members of other local unions around the Quad Cities, who joined them in a show of support.

“(There are) other local unions coming out, and I know some of the Deere members, Kraft workers were here the other day,” said Kim Buchanan, a 10-year employee of Eaton Corporation on strike. “It gives us a boost, you know? When we say ‘brothers and sisters,’ we really do mean ‘brothers and sisters.'”

“It’s been great, you know. We’ve had different unions coming in and standing with us,” said Sean List, another Eaton employee on the picket lines. “Any support is great, you know … we’re just trying to, you know, do what’s right.”

Eaton Corporation representatives and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers union (IAMAW) went back to the negotiating table Tuesday and Wednesday but were unable to reach a tentative agreement.

Local 4 News received a statement from IAMAW Thursday about the strike, and the negotiations.

The statement said, “The union and representatives from Eaton met on Tuesday and Wednesday in efforts to resolve the strike at Mission Systems Division of Davenport.

Although several passes were made on each day, and parties discussed all the sticking points — which have resulted in this strike action — the parties have not been able to reach a tentative agreement.”

“The company’s latest proposals have changed somewhat in structure — from a 3-year agreement to a 5-year agreement — but the rest is basically unchanged,” the statement continues.

The statement also included a quote from IAMAW Directing Business Representative John Herrig, where he said, “The union’s position regarding supporting an agreement which contains wage increases that are dwarfed by the cost of living and takeaways in health care and retirement are unacceptable to our membership.”

Furthermore, Thursday morning, union members on strike sent Local 4 News photos of a bus arriving at Eaton Corporation that they say was full of replacement workers.

While we have not been able to independently verify those allegations yet, tensions seem to have increased between Eaton and the striking workers.

“Some people out here, you know, they’ve got families at home with not an income coming in now,” said Buchanan.

Local 4 News reached out to Eaton Corporation about the discussions at the negotiating table, and the bus, but did not receive a response back.

There is no word yet on when the two sides will return to the negotiating table to try to work out a new deal.

In the meantime, the strike will continue, and it’s now continuing with even more support from fellow local union workers.