Gunshots were fired late Thursday evening — just a block away from some students at Augustana College.

Around 10:30 p.m. Thursday, Rock Island police responded to 7th Avenue, near 38th Street.

Witnesses reported two cars chasing each other at high speed, with shots being fired from both vehicles.

No one was injured, but officers did find a bullet in a parked car on 39th Street.

Local 4 News spoke with Lucy Allen, a student who heard the shots from inside her home.

“I was in my house. I heard about three shots just going … just outside,” said Allen. “Looked out the windows; didn’t see anything, but later found out that there’s two cars chasing each other … shooting at each other. “

Allen added that police were in her neighborhood for nearly three hours.

The university’s public safety department provided text updates to students during the incident.