Students from Augustana College raise awareness on mental health issues

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Students from Augustana College hosted an event to bring attention to mental illness and suicide.

“The Gray Matters” organization started two years ago to spread hope to people who have mental illness or know someone who committed suicide.

People were able to get information about how to equip themselves to handle these issues. They were also able to paint rocks as another way to raise awareness.

The Gray Matters Founder Haley DeGreve said she started the group in 2017 in hopes of bringing awareness to mental health issues.

“We’ve tripled in size within the past year so it’s been amazing and it’s been a movement that I think is going to continue to create positive ripples in the community,” said DeGreve.

Kimberly Ann Belle Isle lost her only son Keagan after he committed suicide in 2017. To keep his memory alive she started a group called Keagan’s Rocks.

“I bought rocks and I bought paint because I felt like if a rock could make me go from laying in bed 24 hours a day to going to the doctor, that maybe it can help somebody else,” said Isle.

The rocks also come with information that may help someone in need.

“It say Keagen’s Rocks Facebook, please hide or keep. It’s ok to not be ok, then it has the suicide hotline number and the text number,” said Isle.

The Gray Matters will host another event next year to continue to raise awareness on mental health issues.

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