Students from St. Ambrose University make a difference in their community

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Dozens of students from St. Ambrose University made a difference in their community this weekend.

On Sunday, students took part in the 16th Annual Bee the Difference Day.

Throughout the morning, students were divided into groups to go to different houses and clean up yards around campus.

The students say it’s important for them to participate in the annual tradition and, for many of them, it’s a way to give back to the community that’s always been supportive.

“This is a great way to give back to the community who does so much for supporting our soccer team and just being here,” said Keeli Frerichs. “It’s just a great day for us to come out and show how much we love our community. It’s just a great way to show our spirit and just show who we are as a team and as a community.”

That’s exactly what the students did.

“Today, here, we’re going to rake up their leaves and put them in bags, and we’ll set it out along the roads,” said Frerichs. “I know some other groups, they trim bushes and cut down trees and do just a little bit more cleaning up just around the house.”

Luckily, for students, their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

“This house up here … we walked up, they had waters for us, candy .. this sweet little note for us,” said Alivia Uebersetzig. “Freshman year, the guy brought us lemonade. He was actually even helping us too.”

The students say helping each other out is part of what it means to be a good member of their community.

“I also have grandparents, and I know people in their community help them out, so it’s kind of nice to actually do it for other people, too, because I know how much it does benefit them,” said Uebersetzig.

A cool fall day warming the hearts of those on campus.

“So nice to see how everyone comes together, especially all of us in blue shirts.” said Uebersetzig. “We walk, and there’s herds of everyone just at different houses listening to music, so it’s a good time.”

Students at the university are already planning for next year’s Bee the Difference event.

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