Students ‘leaf’ lasting impact on college campus

Local News

Students at Augustana College are doing their part this week to make the planet greener.

On Thursday, students could be seen planting trees for Earth Day.

Augustana is already known for its trees all over campus, but a lot were lost during last year’s derecho.

Others fell victim to the emerald ash borer.

Students say replacing them will keep the college’s campus beautiful for generations to come.

“I think, on our campus, sustainability is definitely valued,” said Kaitlyn Watkins, President of Student Government. “I think that it’s one of the conversations that, over my four years here, has been a huge priority for the student body, so it’s great to see that today, we’re able to take action on that initiative and that push for sustainability.”

Students continued their efforts of planting 12 total trees on Friday.

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