Students show off STEM skills in robotics competition

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Twenty-one teams took part in an internationally based robotics competition Saturday at the John Deere Pavilion in downtown Moline.

The teams presented their excellence in design — programming, research and teamwork.

This is a fun, fast-paced environment.

Teams will share their research and prototypes as part of their project for improving transportation to be faster, more reliable, inclusive and sustainable.

Local 4 News spoke to a couple of nervous moms from Orion Middle School.

“We are excited to be here, yes, and in person this year. We’re watching the robot games right now,” said one mom. “Each of our groups of kids worked on certain missions on the table, and then they programmed the robot to go ahead and complete those missions. Each one has different point values, and we did very well.”

Another mom says it’s exciting to see all of the kids’ hard work come to life.

“It’s super exciting to see the kids,” said the mom. “They’ve worked so hard to put all of this together, and it’s coming to life in a competition format, and they get to see their hard work pay off.”

Teams are working to qualify to receive an invitation to the State of Illinois Championship in January.

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