Supporting the front-line: Local man feeds first responders, healthcare workers fighting COVID-19

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A man from the area is giving back to the people on the front-lines of the pandemic. He wants to make sure they have the food they need.

Rob Galloway is a financial representative at Country Financial. He is working to give back to the community.

Galloway opened a tab at The Docs Inn Bar and Grill in Silvis, so they can serve up something fresh in the kitchen.

“It’s something small that I can do,” says Galloway.

The restaurant making burgers, and gyros for first responders, and health care workers. All they had to do was show their work ID, or roll up in their work vehicles.

“For something like this, for something that none of us have experienced before. There is a lot of us who are lucky enough to work at home, but there is a lot of us who can’t. You feel for those people in times like these because they are exposed to it. They have to still go back to their families too, ” says Galloway.

Galloway says it’s a way to help front-line workers, as well as small businesses who have had to shut their doors due to the shut down.

“It’s two fold. To help them out, and something that I don’t think is getting enough attention probably is what’s really happening to these small businesses in town. I think they are really getting hurt,” says Galloway.

John and Mary Beth Stopoulos, Owners of Docs Inn Bar and Grill say, ” He wanted to help out our small business, and he also wanted to help out some of the people who are in the middle of all this. So we just thought it was a great idea. It’s great to be able to help them. They’re working pretty hard obviously helping all the people at the hospitals.”

Evan Watz, EMT at Genesis says, he appreciate all the community is doing.

“When it comes to us, and we’re sitting here putting our lives on the line and putting our selves in danger to help other people out to make sure everyone else is okay. It’s a nice change when someone else wants to help us out make sure we’re taken care of,” says Watz. “We don’t really get a whole lot of chances to say too much to people. From the bottom our hearts we really just want to thank everyone.”

Free lunch was served from 11 a.m. til 2 p.m. The restaurant served more than 100 meals to front-line workers.

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