A 39-year-old Davenport man is being held on a $100,000 bond after police allege he had guns and drugs in two hotel rooms, court records show.

David Anthony Jones (Scott County Jail)

According to arrest affidavits, David Anthony Jones faces:

  • Five felony charges of controlled substance violation
  • Two felony charges of control of a firearm by a felon
  • A felony charge of trafficking in stolen weapons – first offense
  • Two felony charges of failure to affix a drug stamp
  • One serious misdemeanor charge of possession of a controlled substance – first offense.

An arrest in a hotel hallway

About 3 p.m. Tuesday, Jones “was the target of a drug and firearms investigation” at the Relax Inn, 6310 N. Brady Street, Davenport, arrest affidavits show. In affidavits, police allege he was “reportedly selling narcotics to many people living at the hotel as well as others in the Quad Cities.”

A detective had search warrants for two rooms rented by Jones, who was taken into custody in the hallway of the hotel, according to affidavits.

Jones had a large sum of money, affidavits show. Police allege they found these items in the hotel rooms:

  • a Ruger 9mm handgun (reported stolen out of Davenport)
  • an unknown make/model 9mm handgun with an extended magazine (observed in Jones’ possession during previous surveillance)
  • 86 grams of crack cocaine
  • 8.2 grams of powder cocaine
  • 1.86 grams of methamphetamine
  • 1.52 grams of suspected heroin
  • 9.97 grams of marijuana,
  • nine Alprazolam pills
  • a digital scale and packaging
  • ammunition.

Alprazolam is prescribed to treat anxiety and panic attacks, according to the drugs.com website.

An extended magazine holds a number of bullets and attaches to a gun so whoever has the gun can continue to shoot, according to the Guns Today website.

After he was read his Miranda Rights, Jones admitted “that he sells drugs to pay bills” and that he “possesses the firearms because of his lifestyle and that the firearms were purchased on the street,” police allege in affidavits. Neither the crack cocaine or powder cocaine were affixed with an Iowa drug tax stamp, affidavits show.

Jones was in custody in Scott County Jail on Wednesday.