Suspect set for court in Rock Island, Scott counties after bi-state high-speed chase

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A 37-year-old Silvis man is scheduled to appear next month in both Rock Island and Scott County courts after police say they used stop sticks during a high-speed chase to get him to stop.

Cory Butler faces a felony charge of eluding along with misdemeanor charges of speeding, driving the wrong way, entering a stop or yield intersection, reckless driving, wrong turn at an intersection, disobeying traffic device, rear lamps, lane violation and headlamps/headlight violations.

Butler was driving a black 1999 Honda Civic shortly before 3:30 a.m. Jan. 10, an arrest affidavit says.

A Hampton officer on patrol was heading north in the 1300 block of 2nd Avenue when a vehicle traveling south failed to dim its lights.

The officer turned around and initiated a traffic stop.

Butler apologized to the officer and said he had a headlight out. He said another officer told him to drive with his high beams on.

The officer told Butler he can’t drive with his high beams on or with just one headlight, and asked for his driver’s license and insurance.

“He stated yes and just sat there. I then requested the information again,” the officer said in an official document.  

“I observed he seemed to be trying to conceal something on the right side of his person and moving around the vehicle in an odd manner,” the officer said. Butler found his driver’s license and continued to look for the insurance card, then said he didn’t have it.

The officer saw a blue oval-shaped pill on Butler’s lap. “I asked him what the pill was and he became very agitated. He yelled at me that it was medication for his PTSD and that it was Trazadone.”

When the officer asked for it so he could identify it – it appeared to be Alprazolam (Xanax) by the shape and color – Butler “became more agitated and snapped his fingers which from my training and experience are an indicator that someone is either about to fight or run.”

The officer tried to calm him down by saying it was going to be fine because he was sure Butler had a prescription for it.

Butler denied having a prescription, threw the vehicle in drive and sped away, reaching speeds of 81 mph in a 40 mph zone with the officer behind him.

Butler then took the Interstate 80 westbound ramp heading toward Iowa. The vehicle spun out into the curve and got stuck in the snow for a moment.

The officer got out with his gun drawn and began to yell at Butler to stop, but Butler got the vehicle free and took off onto Interstate 80, passing the LeClaire exit.

The officer followed from a safe distance to try to maintain visual contact.

The officer notified other law enforcement in the area and returned to the spot where Butler was stuck on the ramp to make sure he had not thrown a weapon or contraband out.

Bettendorf police used a “stop stick,” with Bettendorf and LeClaire officers chasing Butler back across the I-80 bridge in the direction of the Hampton officer.

As the Hampton officer got near the Logger House in Hampton, East Moline police said Butler and a LeClaire squad car had passed by at Campbell’s Island.

Butler then tried to make the turn onto 13th Street in East Moline from 19th Street and hit a snowbank.

The LeClaire Officer pinned Butler’s vehicle in place. LeClaire, East Moline and Hampton officers removed Butler at gunpoint and he was taken into custody.

When Butler got out of the car, a half-empty liquor bottle fell from his jacket pocket onto the ground.

Officers searched Butler’s vehicle and found a peanut jar with 19.5 grams of marijuana and a bag of hypodermic needles.

Also on the driver’s side floorboard of the vehicle was a pocket knife with the blade out.

The pill was not recovered. 

“Genesis Ambulance transported (Butler) to Illini due to his complaints of a headache from being hit with an axe a couple of weeks ago,” official documents note. Butler was read his Miranda Rights in the ambulance and said he wanted a lawyer.

At Illini, Butler “became unable to function as if he were coming down from a high or was just avoiding going to jail.”

Ultimately, Butler “was deemed to be in fine medical health and was discharged. The ED (emergency department) doctor stated Cory had no alcohol in the blood but did have cocaine, methamphetamine and THC.”

Butler, who was arrested on a warrant then released from custody, is scheduled to appear in Scott County Court and Rock Island Court in April.

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