Tackling some issues of premature birth

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A couple in Davenport has struggled to make ends meet after their first baby came ten weeks early.

The couple’s daughter Paisleigh was born October 5 following an emergency C-section. Paisleigh weighed only two pounds 12 ounces at birth, and she spent six weeks at Genesis East Hospital and the University of Iowa hospitals. She had problems eating and with her heart rate. Her parents finally took her home last week, and now her parents worry about the medical bills. Paisleigh’s mother says she has health insurance, but doesn’t know how much of her baby’s treatment it will cover.

Premature births are fairly common. The Centers for Disease Control report one in ten babies was born premature last year. Hundreds spend the first days of their lives at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

Shannon Moudy reported one nurse pays it forward in a big way for the smallest patients. It’s a bit overwhelming, but for Elizabeth Adrian, the piles aren’t a problem. “It’s a solution, and it’s not about the sleeper it’s about the baby in the sleeper, you know?” Adrian said. “We put something cute on somebody and everybody will say ‘come in and look at this baby; it’s so cute tonight!'”

Adrian has been a NICU nurse at Stead Family Children’s for 20 years, but just recently she started a new task: Keeping her patients cute. She’s getting some help. Donors have given more than $8,000 to her Hawkeyes and Holidays fundraiser, lightening the burden for NICU parents, a burden Liz knows because her extracurricular work is close to home.

“It’s kind of personal for me. In December of 1993, I gave birth to 32-week twins,” Adrian said. “I have vivid memories of sitting in church on Christmas Eve with tears running down my face because of what was happening to my family.”

Scott Lukan’s team at Authentic Brand never tackled something this small. “We can make them as small as they need them,” Lukan said. “Put the features on that they want.” It’s a partnership that just clicks, as Authentic works with Adrian to custom design hundreds of sleepers down to what the nurses and babies need, making a hospital feel like home.

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