Teenagers with eyes on careers as police officers are getting a close look

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QC Law Enforcement Camp in full swing

DAVENPORT, Iowa – The Davenport and Bettendorf police departments are hosting the 2019 Iowa Quad City law enforcement camp this week.

Campers get an idea of the responsibilities that go with the job. For an entire week teens will be taking a deeper look into crash investigations, the gun unit, defensive tactics and the list goes on.

On Monday, teens learned about the importance of evidence and finger printing. This is all an effort to show the different scopes of the departments. 

One camp instructor says he knows firsthand of how the camp can impact one’s career. ”It gave me a better understanding of law enforcement,” says officer Chris Hebbel. He continues, ”​​​​​​It allowed me to network with other officers that work within the department. It taught me about the importance of integrity and honesty and being able to make good choices to make myself a better candidate to be a police officer when I got hired.”

Officer Hebbel is encouraging more kids to sign up come next year. Classes will be taking place at the Davenport Police Department and the Scott Emergency Communications Center.

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