Update: The new tentative agreement with USW Local 105 and Arconic is a four-year deal.

On Sunday, Lee Shaffer, union leader for USW Local 105, told Local 4 News details of the contract, which includes:

  • 7% the first year
  • 4.5% the next three
  • A total of 20.5% the entire contract
  • No healthcare changes
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day added as a paid holiday
  • $4,000 signing bonus, $2,000 now and then $2,000 in January 2023.
  • Red Card moved from $30% to 50%.

Local 4 News and www.ourquadcities.com will provide more details as they become available.

Earlier: USW Local 105 announced late Saturday that a tentative agreement with Arconic has been reached.

The agreement is one that is “fully endorsed by your bargaining committee,” a Facebook post says.

“Thanks to everyone’s solidarity and support, we achieved a fair deal! More details to come,” the post says.

The vote

In an announcement on USW Local 105’s Facebook page, voting began Thursday morning, May 12, to authorize a strike if an agreement was not made between Arconic Manufacturing and USW Local 105.

That contract was set to expire Sunday, May 15 at noon.

Earlier, representatives from USW Local 105, which represents those who work at Arconic, Sivyer Steel and Bowe Machine, said they want their members at Arconic to have an essential-worker contract.

Arconic issued a letter dated March 21, 2020, stating that the company is part of the national critical infrastructure, and employees are considered essential workers. As such, steelworkers were required to work during the pandemic and were not allowed to quarantine.

USW Local 105 representative Lee Shaffer said it’s a matter of being paid like essential workers, as well as retaining benefits and their retirement benefits.

In response, Arconic released the following statement:

“Arconic is aware that the USW plans to hold a strike authorization vote, which is a normal step in the bargaining process.  We believe we can reach an agreement that is in the best interest of our employees and look forward to continuing negotiations at the bargaining table. ” – John C. Riches, Arconic Communications & Public Affairs Manager, Davenport Works

Stay tuned to Local 4 News/www.ourquadcities.com as more information becomes available.