Tesla shocks fans with set at Mississippi Valley Fair

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Tesla rocked out a crowd of thousands Friday at the Mississippi Valley Fair.

“The music is the only reason I came to the fair this year,” said Christy Whitlow from Muscatine. “I don’t do rides anymore … I love Tesla.”

Tesla has been together for more than three decades.

“[We’re] just getting better,” said drummer Troy Luccketta. “It’s like fine wine with age.”

Their hits include “Love Song,” “The Way It Is” and guitarist Dave Rude’s personal favorite to perform.

“Little Suzi. I love doing that one,” said Rude. “Everyone just gets really happy when we do that song and it’s fun.”

For many of the concert goers, Tesla’s hits are songs they’ve listened to for decades.

“We went to Skateland in Muscatine to this music,” Whitlow said. “Every Friday and Saturday night we were skating.”

That’s why Whitlow waited in the sun for five hours to get the best seats.

“It’s those kinds of things that keep things in check when you get on stage and you want to complain about something out here,” Luccketta said.

The fans haven’t changed, Luccketta said the band has. There’s hasn’t been drinking on tour for 15 years.

“We’ve all seen a lot and been through a lot and survived a lot together,” Luccketta said. “Back in the day, you know, you come out here, you’re young. You’re drinking. You’re partying, having fun. Then the next day you’re like me and you’re in treatment. Then you’re 26 years sober and that’s me today.”

After the show in Davenport, the band will load their two buses and semi and head to the next show.

They’ve been doing it for years and the bandmates say they’ll be doing it for many more.

“Think about a marriage — just being with your spouse how tough that is,” Luccketta said. “Take that times it by five people. To keep all of that together for 35 years, there’s a lot to be said for that.”

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