The calm after the storm: QC residents are working to clean-up after Monday’s storm

Local News

The calm after the storm, but tonight thousands are still without power.

Chainsaws could be heard buzzing throughout the Quad Cities, and beyond.

All of it to clean up the damage left behind a storm that rivaled a hurricane.

The Quad Cities got caught right in the middle of it as the storm moved across Iowa, and into Illinois.

More than 90 mile an hour wind uprooted and ripped apart trees.

There were many homes impacted by the storm, there’s also downed trees at McManus Park.

Local Four caught up with Bettendorf’s Mayor Bob Gallagher, and asked how the city is working to respond.

“Look at our park behind us, here at McManus we have lots of work to do. This won’t be a priority obviously. We’ll start with safety, and our streets and our folks who had lots of trouble with their houses,” says Gallagher.

The city has also relaxed it’s yard waste collection rules.

“We’ll pick up sticks up to 5 ft in length, and you can put all the debris back in those regular bags without a sticker. We’re going to work on picking that up over the next few weeks or so,” says Gallagher.

Over in Moline there’s a downed power line that many say is leaving them without power.

Moline Resident Eric Bell says, “I think 19 hours is too long for anybody to be without power and it’s just unacceptable it is.”

Many are just picking up the pieces as the clean-up continues.

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