The city of Dixon is rebuilding its infrastructure

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DIXON, IL — If you been to Dixon, Illinois, lately you may have notice a lot of orange construction barrels throughout the city. That is because Dixon is revitalizing parts of the city. Just recently, the city received a 100 thousand dollar grant to help rebuild its infrastructure. One city official said fixing up the area along Depot Avenue is just one small piece to the construction puzzle in the city.

” So the big thing about the Depot project it’s about more than just refinishing that road,” Danny Langloss, city manager of Dixon, said. “It’s about the revitalization of the business district but it’s the way it ties in to this $2.2 million bike path grant that we got it’s going to add another mile and a half a bike path to the city. So it’s starts down heritage crossing, our riverfront. It’s going to go through the newly developed viaduct point which is under construction right now and then it’s going to come up this path way here tie in into midtown.”

The bike path will extend from the riverfront in downtown Dixon and connection the neighborhood around Seven Street and Depot Avenue. Construction along that street should be completed by November and the bike path should be completed in a year an half.

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