The Foundry Food and Tap reopens

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The Foundry Food and Tap opened it’s doors last June, and it serves a wild range of food and alcohol. Since reopening after guidelines allowed them to, the company has been doing well considering it has only been 50 percent capacity.

“We’ve been coming here since they’ve opened,” said customer William Strothkamp. “We just live up the road it’s got wonderful food, and their service is great.”

“Business wasn’t as prevalent as it was in the beginning and everything,” said The Foundry Food and Tap manager Nehemiah Briggs. “TBK really helped us out a lot with baseball teams and parties over there and stuff so we’ve still seen all kinds of traction from them and stuff so it’s definitely been picking back up as we’ve been going along here.”

Although the restaurant is doing well following the guidelines since reopening, it needs its customers to follow it as well.

“Obviously we have to comply with the guidelines of six feet of social distancing so we not only do we need to do that, we need our guests to really help us out with that and help us maintain that six feet compliance,” said The Foundry Food and Tap manager Brian Collins. “It’s been a struggle, but we’ve had to rearrange some tables and get creative in ways to fill the seats. We bring them in and everything and we do everything we can to make sure that the guests are safe and we’re keeping everyone six feet apart, our employees are wearing masks front and back of the house. We have sanitizing stations all over the restaurant just doing everything we can to keep our guests safe and keep our employees safe, as well.”

The Foundry Food and Tap is located in Bettendorf on Competition Drive. You can find their menu, and more about their restaurant, here.

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