The future in the Iowa Caucus could turn into a murky situation

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The delayed results of the Iowa Caucus has people wondering if they will continue to be the first Caucus and if they should switch to a different format like a primary. Political Science Chair, Bill Parsons says that this this is just another blow to the Caucus process in Iowa and wonders what will happen in 2024

“I think the opportunity is Iowa won’t be the first in the nation caucus.” Said Parsons. “They may have to change the way they vote maybe to a primary and probably will most likely be a different state that will go first.”

Back in 2012 Iowa declared Rick Santorum the winner only to find out that one precinct in Clinton County hadn’t submitted their results which reversed the outcome and Mitt Romney was the victor.

Everyone was in agreement that this isn’t a good look for Iowa and it could force their hand if they are still first in the nation. Adjunct Instructor, PJ Foley says that the ripple effect if that happens could hurt.

“Iowa has been the first caucus since 1972 I believe.” Foley stated. “You know it’s a boom for economic interests and money that gets pored into the state by all these candidates and by individuals that get to meet these presidential candidates up close and personal, shake their hands, have coffee with them.”

It effected the candidates as well with all of them declaring themselves the winner and then moving on to New Hampshire.

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