Monday’s rainfall led to a mudslide at The Manor apartment complex in Bettendorf.

According to The Manor apartment complex secretary, it appears to have come from construction nearby. The heavy rain pushed the dirt and debris onto the complex and made its way into some of the homes, the secretary told Local 4 News.

On Tuesday, Local 4 News visited the apartment complex and saw the residue of Monday’s flood in the grass and on the walkways of the complex.

One resident had sandbags stacked outside their door, with hopes of blocking the liquid from getting inside. Others had towels, shovels, and buckets to dry up all the water that made its way near and inside the homes.

According The Manor secretary, the complex has experienced previous floods because of nearby construction, but never to this extent.

She also mentioned that last summer the Bettendorf City Council discussed the current construction, and despite the opposition from tenants, still voted to pursue the project.

The Manor residents hope a barrier soon will be created between the construction site and the complex to avoid floods from happening again.