The Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center hosted a meeting with city and state leaders

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Community leaders gathered to address the recent unrest.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Center hosted a meeting at the Second Baptist Church in Rock Island.
People shared their experiences and fears as minorities, organizers hope this will bring more conversation.

City mayors from Rock Island County and state representatives and senators were in attendance as people voiced their concerns said organizer Thurgood Brooks.

“Today we’re not here necessary to protest but we’re here to present our legislature bodies at the city, state, and federal level with a plan of action that we hope they can take an do what they do with their jobs we’re holding them accountable that that’s pushed through,” said Brooks.

Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms said that after listening to all of the concerns it’s time to take action.

“You know we need to continue practicing and educating the city employees not just the police department but all city employees on racial discrimination and stereotyping individuals,” Thoms.

Organizers created a Facebook page called New Resolution for people to share their concern.

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