The Project of the Quad Cities (TPQC) is launching “The Village Project,” a new multi-module education series aimed at decreasing stigma to support LGBTQ+ people.

The Project of the Quad Cities is launching the new “Village Project” (

“We realize we cannot do the very important work of supporting and surrounding LGBTQ+ people with radical love and acceptance unless we collaborate with local businesses and organizations,” Sarah Stevens, TPQC community impact officer, said in a Friday release. “The phrase ‘it takes a village’ adopts a new meaning when we as a community commit to creating safe spaces for queer people.”

The available modules include:
• Safe Zone Training
• Pronouns 101
• Deconstructing Gender

The Project of the Quad Cities, at 1701 River Drive, Moline, is launching the new Village Project to reduce the stigma against LGBTQ+.

“We know that education decreases stigma,” Stevens said. “And education shouldn’t be a commodity; it must be available to anyone who seeks it.”

While TPQC has assigned a suggested donation to the trainings in order to offset the cost, no one will be turned away because of an inability to pay. Individuals or organizations can even sponsor trainings, whether for themselves or for someone they know.

“Queer people deserve to be safe everywhere they go in this community,” Stevens said. “They deserve the kind of village that extends beyond our walls and follows them out into the rest of their lives.”

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Since 1986, The Project of the Quad Cities has served people living with HIV/AIDS through remarkable health care services. In recent years, the organization’s services have grown to include:

• STD/HIV testing with same-day results
• Counseling
• PrEP/PEP to prevent HIV transmission
• Treatment for Hepatitis C
• Primary care for LGBTQ+ individuals and families

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