The texting scam you should be cautious of

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Local patrons are receiving bogus text messages that could steal your information.

The texts say that you have missed a delivery from businesses like Amazon or FedEx. Messages come from a different number each time, with some having local area codes. Experts say you should not open any links in these messages. If you do, close out of it quickly.

DJ Jarvis, a Rock Island resident said the most troubling thing about this scam is the sender greets you by name.

“We all get text messages meant for [someone] different,” he said. “Rarely do you get a text message addressed to you that’s kind of like that”.

For Rock Island resident Anthony Collins, it happens on a regular basis. Sometimes, up to three times a day. He says that blocking the number does not help.

“It’s just a different number every time. So, I’m like, okay, I’ll block this number but I’m going to get another text from a totally different number. It’s just going to be a cycle,” he said.

Justin Duino with How-To Geek online magazine gave us tips for spotting a fake message.

“One, is the message relevant to you. Are you actually expecting a FedEx package? Two, look at the sender’s phone number. Is it coming from an 800 number, is it coming from something that actually looks legitimate, or is it coming from someone’s personal cell phone number?” he said.

Duino also said it is important to read the message carefully. Grammatical errors are another sign that the message is phony. Lastly, do not give out any personal information.

For more information on how to report messages like this one, visit How-To Geek’s article here.

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