“The town is getting bad” Residents speak out over recent gunfire

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Gun shots rang out on both sides of the river in the Quad Cities in the early hours of the morning. Local Four News was the only station at the scene of both incidents.

The first call was at the 1800 block of Farnam in Davenport, where at least seven shell casings were found. 30 minutes later shots were fired in Rock Island on 19 1/2 Avenue. Local Four spoke with a neighbor in Davenport who heard the shots loud and clear.

“My son and I were sitting in watching TV and I heard gun shots. They didn’t sound like fireworks. I’m a hunter and I shoot all the time so I know the difference. Just the sound of the pops. Fireworks has a different kind of a pop.”

This isn’t the first time that Kevin Kester has heard shots being fired and he says that he hears them way too often.

“Dang near every night, if not every night it’s every two three nights and it’s all over the area.” Said Kester. “There was somebody shot in back of the house here a few weeks ago. We can look out our bathroom window and see where a boy was murdered about a year and a half ago up on Locust so the shots are all over the place and the town is getting bad.”

It’s been bad enough that him and his son are moving soon and they have already started packing.

“I’m gonna move up north. My retirement place so just get out of here. The only shots I wanna hear are is someone shooting at some wild game.”

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