Therapist says parents should prepare themselves and their children for school shootings

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IOWA CITY — After a jury found 13-year old Luke Andrews not guilty of attempted murder, but guilty of other charges, Local 4 News decided to investigate deeper to find out how parents should prepare their children for a traumatizing experience such as a school shooting.

Kara Houser, therapist, and professor at the University of Iowa says before a parent prepares a child, the parent themselves must be mentally ready to deal with trauma.

In addition to parents bracing themselves, Houser said it is important for parents to be honest about the topic and not tell their children things like it could never happen to them, yet explain the probability and possibilities of such event happening.

Houser also urged parents to allow their child to lead the conversation and allow the child to open up when he or she is ready.

Above all, Houser expressed the importance of parents seeking help as needed to be able to help their child if they experience a trauma such as a school shooting.

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