‘This is the best day ever’: Relieved mom thanks QC for helping her reunite with runaway teen daughter

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One local mom is rejoicing after finding her missing 14-year-old daughter.

We have the exclusive interview here on Local 4 News.

14- year-old Olivia Mann, hadn’t been seen since last Thursday, until Tuesday morning. Local 4 News was the only station at the scene when they reunited.

“I’ve been searching high and low, and I got a really good lead, and I’ve been standing outside this house for hours,” says Bethany Gullion, Olivia’s mother.

An anxious mother awaited the safe return of her daughter after five days.

“Every day is another day, and you can’t just help but think one more day is more scary,” she says.

Gullion says it’s been a non-stop search to find her daughter.

“I mean I thought the initial day of her being born was the greatest day of my life, but I really honestly truly feel like this is it, this is the best day ever,” Gullion says. “I’ve been applying so much pressure to so many addresses that I was able to get behind a vehicle today, and followed the car who lead me to her location. At this time we’re not asking questions about where she was at or where she been, the main purpose of this all is that she’s home, and she’s safe.”

Olivia didn’t want to go on camera, or give any comments, but her mother says she’s filled with emotions.

“You know what she’s home, she’s safe. You can tell she looks tired, I can tell she’s been a little worn out,” said Gullion.

Gullion is grateful to everyone who played a role in getting her daughter home.

“Whether it was to hang a flier, knock on doors or just make a simple share on your Facebook, I deep down in the bottom of my heart truly thank all you guys who were a part of finding her and bringing her back home to me safely,” says Gullion.

Local 4 News asked police about where Olivia spent the last few days, but they have not responded.

Her mother made it clear she won’t question Olivia about her whereabouts, because the important thing is she’s home safe and sound.

In the meantime, she plans to just spend quality time with her daughter, while sharing her favorite food.

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