Thousands of dollars worth of damage done to local church after vehicle slams into squad cars

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The driver of the vehicle that damaged squad cars in Rock Island is still on the loose. On Sunday morning a driver was pursued by police in the district before he slammed into multiple cars. Police hit the car numerous times with batons, but the car got away.

The man is Adrian Neeley and there is a warrant out for his arrest by the United States Marshal Service for other felony crimes. Local Four News spoke with employees at J Gotti’s which is just across the street from where the altercation took place.

“I was really shocked, I was honestly waiting for somebody to be seriously hurt. It was quite a scene to see the police officers hitting the window trying to get the person out. I mean you were just in suspense mode. I literally thought it was gonna back up into the building.”

J Gotti’s was closed at the time of the incident, but they were considering staying open late that night because they did it the previous weekend. They currently don’t have any surveillance video, but after this incident that will be changing soon.

“We’re gonna have some surveillance out for our own safety of the employees. You know we didn’t set it up that night, but we are actually active at the very moment.”

The driver of the vehicle, Adrian Neeley fled down 18th street once leaving the district where the car crashed into the Word Of Life Church. Pastor Tanner Payton says that it was scary seeing the video.

“Especially since it was so close by, I know there was a lot of people down in the district on the weekends.” Said Payton. “So my first reaction was that I’m really glad nobody was hurt and obviously there was some damage done to some vehicles, but the most important thing is that no lives were lost. Nobody was injured from that.”

The car hit a wall outside the church and left significant damage to the property.

“He slammed into our retaining wall going 50 or 60 miles per hour. He did some significant damage. He tore out a large portion of our wall.” Payton said. “There’s probably 10 to 15 feet that is completely caved in and so several thousand dollars of damage.”

Payton tells Local Four News that this isn’t the first time a car has hit their retaining wall, but it’s the first time that one left damage.

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