‘Time for me to move’: Neighbors react after deadly shooting

Local News

Neighbors in the Central Davenport Community are reacting to the deadly shooting.

They describe the situation as ‘Scary’.

They say a lot of families with kids live in the neighborhood, and it’s usually peaceful.

Now they say it doesn’t feels like a safe place to live, or raise their children.

“It’s a very quiet neighborhood, so what’s going on now I have no idea,” says one Davenport neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Police lights and sirens had many neighbors on Farnam Street in Davenport on guard in their community.

That’s including neighbor Angeles Ceja.

“I seen all the cop cars, and I told my kids everything is blocked off,” says Ceja.

She says the shooting in her community was too close for comfort.

Ceja says, “You don’t think something can happen like that and you got your kids sitting in cars outside of you house. Like what are they going to do if someday they are sitting in front of your house, and then somebody shoots. I get very nervous.”

She says life in her community is getting too eventful.

“My other neighbor said they found a body up there, and I’m thinking, Oh my God time for me to move,” says Ceja.

“I’m not so worried about us personally just going outside and getting shot, but then again if they’re driving by and start shooting, innocent bystanders get it all the time,” says the unidentified neighbor.

She says she wants the violence to end.

“All these guns in kids hands, are not doing anything but killing each other,” says the unidentified neighbor.

Ceja says she moved to the neighborhood because it was peaceful, and now she’s fearful living in her own community.

“It’s like everywhere you go. I was told today, it’s getting worse than Chicago,” says Ceja.

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