Here is a timeline of the events that occurred during the civil disturbances in Davenport on the night of May 31 and early morning of June 1.

Sunday, May 31 – 11:12pm

Davenport Police responded to a disturbance in the parking lot at the Wal-Mart located in the 3100 block of West Kimberly Road.

During the disturbance a shot was fired from an unknown source that struck Italia Marie Kelly, a passenger in a car, in her torso. She died as the scene as a result of the gunshot wound.

No officers fired any shots at this location.

The incident is being investigated by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations.

Monday, June 1 – 12:13am

Davenport Police responded to a shots fired report in the parking lot near Necker’s Jewelers at 4007 East 53rd Street.

Several bullet casings of various calibers were found on the scene.

A short time later, a gunshot victim who was struck several times in the legs arrived at Trinity Terrace Park in Bettendorf. He was eventually transported to Iowa City with serious injuries.

Police recovered a handgun in the vehicle he arrived in and a magazine for the gun was recovered at the original scene at 4007 East 53rd Street.

Police reviewed surveillance video that shows multiple subjects approaching the business. One is carrying a brick. When several other cars arrive the subjects move away from the business. The two groups shoot at each other. Several of the subjects can be seen firing weapons.

After the exchange of gunfire, they all run to their vehicles and speed away.

Monday, June 1 – 2:55am

Davenport Police investigate a suspicious vehicle in the area of 1400 Myrtle Street.

As three officers in an unmarked police vehicle wait in an alley on that block, about 13 rounds are fired at into their vehicle. The officer in the driver’s seat is struck twice, one hitting his firearm holstered in his side and the other hitting his leg. Bullets also hit the seat’s headrest.

One of the other officers returned fire as the suspects got in a car and drove off.

The wounded officer was driven to the hospital in the ambushed vehicle.

Other police squads chased the suspect’s vehicle through the streets of Davenport, often at speeds in excess of 80 – 90 miles per hour. During the chase, a handgun was thrown from the suspect’s vehicle. The chase ended when the vehicle crashed on the 1900 block of Mound Street.

One occupant, Lashawn Hensley, ran from the scene but was caught a short distance away. Hensley had an outstanding State of Iowa and federal arrest warrants.

The other individuals in the car were identified as: Don White, Jr., Deaguise Hall, Raheem Houston, Devell Lewis and Michael Cross. White, Lewis and Cross were identified as being at the shooting that occurred at 4007 East 53rd Street.

Police recovered seven firearms, plus ammunition and magazines from the vehicle.

They have been charged as follows from the eluding and recovery of firearms from the vehicle and/or the shooting at 4007 East 53rd Street:

  • Michael Cross: Felon in possession, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, willful injury with serious injury.
  • Raheem Houston: Felon in possession.
  • Devell Lewis: Probation warrant out of Iowa, possession intent to deliver ecstasy and tax stamp.
  • Don White: Eluding, felon in possession, Illinois Department of Corrections Warrant, Rock Island warrant.
  • Deaguise Hall: Felon in possession.
  • Brandon Pullman: Felon in possession, intimidation with a weapon, willful injury with serious injury.

Officers returned to the original scene on Myrtle Street where they found an subject lying next to a vehicle, dead from a gunshot wound. Underneath him was a semi-automatic handgun and around him were multiple bullet casings. His identification is being held until notification of relatives. He was also identified as being at the shooting that occurred at 4007 East 53rd Street, and having a weapon at that scene.

The investigations of the shooting and death of Italia Marie Kelly and the shooting at 1400 Myrtle Street are continuing.