Tips to avoid trips, and slips in winter weather

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People across the Quad Cities, are certainly bracing for the seasons first winter storm.

Driving in snow, and ice, can be dangerous, but walking in the same conditions can be hazardous as well.

According to health experts, falls are the number one cause of accidental death and injury requiring hospitalization in people in 65 years and older, but it can happen to anyone of any age.

During this time of year hospitals see injuries ranging from fractured wrist and ankles, head trauma and concussions.

Genesis Medical Center gives a few tips to avoid injuries:

  • Use handrails when available
  • Wear shoes that supply traction
  • Plan ahead
  • Use commercial products to melt ice and increase grip on driveways, walks and stairs.
  • Be aware of the best walking routes to work or in your neighborhood.
  • Take small “duck’’ steps with feet turned inward to maintain better balance.
  • The addition of commercial grit paint to concrete stairs can help you get better traction on those surfaces.
  • When needed, use aids such as canes, walking sticks, or walkers.
  • When you leave the house, make sure someone knows you have left and give them an estimated time of when you will return.
  • Take a whistle, phone or noise-making device when you leave the house to call for help if you have fallen and are injured. Carry your car keys and activate “panic” alarm if you fall and are injured.
  • Check on older neighbors and family members frequently.

Last year during the winter weather, Genesis Medical Center saw 20 patients in one day who had fractures due to falling in the icy conditions.

During any type of winter storm people are encouraged to stay home, and only go out if necessary. Make sure you have food, water, and plans to stay warm in case you lose power.

If you are out on the roads, be sure to drive slowly.

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