To prevent thefts, Kewanee PD starts online bike registration

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Because bikes are being swiped in Kewanee, officers ask bike owners to register their bikes with the police department.

The department added an online link to make it easy. Police believe this will help them find stolen or missing bikes.

Storm Sullivan has had three bikes stolen in incidents at her home and her parents’ home.

“It was really upsetting. It feels like our stuff is not safe, no matter where we are,” said Sullivan.

Sergeant Michael Minx has been on dayside patrol for the past year and has seen this first-hand.

“People notice them in the morning when they wake up. They’re either abandoned or they’re stolen. Sometimes people don’t even know that they’re stolen yet, because they park them out back in the garage or outbuilding – something like that,” said Minx.

Next spring, Kewanee Police will go to different schools and help students register their bikes.

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