The Christmas spirit is all around here in the QCA – the lights are up, the tree is trimmed, the presents are wrapped – but what’s missing? How about a Christmas episode of your favorite TV show?

We all probably have our favorite episodes, but what shows are top for holiday enjoyment? The USDish PR Team wanted to find out, so they calculated the top 15 by looking at IMDb rating and viewership numbers. To determine what each state was watching during Christmastime, they measured search volume by state.

(graphic courtesy of USDish)

Which TV shows are Illinois and Iowa tuning into for reruns of their favorite Christmas episodes? The Quad Cities are separated by state lines, and both states were separated by their favorites. Illinois gets into the holiday spirit by watching Christmas episodes from The Simpsons the most. The Christmas episode that tops with views is “Marge Be Not Proud.” In Iowa, viewers favored The Office, and the episode “Christmas Party” was the top pick overall.

Here’s a list of the top-searched shows in the survey:

(graphic courtesy of USDish)

According to the study here are some interesting findings regarding Christmas episodes:

  • Christmas and medical dramas might not go hand in hand, but House scored 5 out of the top 15 episodes.
  • Christmas shows had an average time of 40 minutes, which is longer than the running times for the most popular Thanksgiving and New Year’s episodes.
  • The Office snagged two episodes in the top 15, but it had the highest search volume than any other show.

Did your favorite shows and episodes make the list?