Whether on Disney+, DVD, Blu-ray or at the theater, Quad Cities love their Disney villains, especially during the Halloween season!

We all have a favorite villain from the vast universe of Disney, but which villains are the most popular in each state? The crew at Viasat wanted to know, so they started with a list of 21 of the most recognizable Disney villains and researched each state’s Google trends to find out. The results may surprise you.

(Graphical information courtesy of Viasat)

Taking the top spot in Illinois was Shan Yu, the main antagonist of 1998’s Mulan. Iowa’s favorite villain was Michael Yagoobian (the Bowler Hat Guy), one of the bad guys from 2007’s Meet the Robinsons.

Some interesting findings:

  • Ten states chose Scar from the Lion King as the number one Disney villain.
  • Coming in at second-favorite was the evil queen Maleficent.
  • North Carolina’s preferred villain, Gaston, would feel right at home in the Tar Heel state. The state’s 9,000,000 chicken produce about 7,500,000 eggs, which could keep him roughly the size of a barge.
  • Vermont’s choice, Hans from Frozen, has 12 brothers, making him the villain with the largest family of any Disney bad guy.
  • Hawaii’s pick was Tamatoa, the villainous crab in Moana, which should make him feel at home since the movie is set in the pacific.

Who are other states’ favorite Disney baddies? Find out here.

Did your favorite Disney villains make the list?