Trailer stolen from Rock Island home caught on camera

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A trailer was stolen from a Rock Island home on 8th street. The thieves backed into the driveway, then got out of their car and hooked up the trailer, then drove off. The incident was all caught on surveillance. Homeowner Jessica McGuire says watching the trailer was just gut wrenching.

“It was extremely frustrating, I felt hopeless.” Said McGuire. “Emotionally sick to my stomach, completely rattled and didn’t know what to do. I exhausted all of my resources. It was a very trying day and a half.”

Fortunately nobody was home when it happened. The incident happened around 8:30 in the morning on April 13th. McGuire says she was alerted by her neighbor who watched it happen.

“Instantly I got a nasty gut feeling you know that somethings wrong so I rushed down here and the trailer was gone.” McGuire said. “Completely devastated, very worried that we wouldn’t get it back because of the COVID-19 going on and with social distancing and I though it was a goner.”

The trailer has deep meaning for the McGuire family and it was rough with the uncertainty of not knowing whether they would get the trailer back.

“We have done the St Patricks Day Parade, the McGuire Family builds a float every year and it’s also a vital piece of equipment for our family.” Said McGuire. “If our family breaks down you know to save them the money for a tow. If somebody has you know somebody needs to move it’s a vital piece of equipment, you can move a lot.”

Thanks to the camera footage the Rock Island Police Department was able to locate the trailer the next day and return it. McGuire highly advises anyone to have surveillance camera’s on their property because you never know when you might need them.

“Security cameras are an investment, but I believe it’s a great investment for you. It may not pay off today, it may not pay off tomorrow, but eventually if something was to happen to you, it’s gonna help you.” McGuire said. “It’s gonna help the police and I really feel without that surveillance we would not have had a shot at getting this trailer back.”

McGuire says that she was thrilled at the incredible job by the police department locating and returning the trailer. The police told Local Four that no arrests have been made.

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