Travel Agent: Coronavirus has minimal impact on spring break travel

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So far the coronavirus seems to have minimal impact on spring break travel plans.

The owner of Gulliver’s Travel says she has not had any cancellations because people aren’t traveling to places where warnings are in effect like China or Italy.

She recommends being proactive before making plans. Go online and search to see if the place you want to go has a high number of cases.

Teresa Gonzalez, Owner of Gulliver’s Travel in Bettendorf says there has been an increase in concern among those traveling.

“We’re getting mostly concerned calls, We really haven’t had any cancellations,” she says.

Gonzalez says that has to do with the traveler’s destination.

“Lots of spring breakers so we’re kind of fortunate in that respect. People are like I know that the destinations that we’re going too have very limited cases if any. So that’s making them more comfortable,” she says.

Leana Owen is traveling to Cancun, Mexico for spring break, “This is my oldest spring break trip, so this is a very important time in our lives as a family. I’m not going to let coronavirus take that away from us.”

She says although she is alert with what’s going on she doesn’t have too much of a concern.

“I have the philosophy that anything can happen anywhere, and so I mean I will take the same precautions as anybody else. Washing you hands. Not touching your eyes, and your mouth. Just the regular precautions that you are advised by doctors,” says Owen.

Gonzalez says there are some travelers who are planning on going to Italy, but most of the trips are planned in August through October. She says they are going to wait it out.

She also says cruise-liners indicate detail what they screen people for. She says her agency will forward that e-mail to travelers who will be impacted.

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