The upcoming winter storm will present a challenge for air travel as well.

AAA predicts a lot of flight delays and cancellations Thursday through Saturday, so they encourage anyone with airline tickets to get travel insurance.

Travelers using the Quad Cities International Airport could have flights impacted not just here, but also through the major hubs.

We spoke with a representative from the airport.

They say if you don’t have your airline’s app on your phone yet, you need to get it.

They’re the best way to get real-time information on cancelations and delays and you’ll have a head start on any flights you need to re-book.

Ashleigh Davis, PR and Marketing Manager for the Quad Cities International Airport, offered these additional tips on Tuesday:


o   Winter weather doesn’t have to be active in your immediate area for it to cause delays or cancellations locally.

o   Your airline will have the most up-to-date information so download the app and/or check the website for any changes to your flight.

o   If you need to rebook due to a delay or cancelation, work with your airline directly.

o   The airport and airline will do everything they can to avoid a delay or cancellation but sometimes it cannot be avoided. Please be kind and patient as you work with the airline to understand your options.

Airport prep for winter weather

o   We use forecasting tools to prepare our snow removal teams and operations teams for potential impacts.

o   Once snow removal teams are notified, they work rotating 12/hour shifts and focus on priority areas first like our primary 10,000-foot runway and taxiways to that runway.

o   If significant weather makes it impossible to keep a runway clear, it may temporarily close but the goal is to reopen it as quickly as possible. Pilots have the final say in whether they decide to takeoff or land based on the conditions.

General tips

o   Leave plenty of time. Give yourself a minimum of 90 minutes at the QC airport to account for any issues on the road, or longer lines at the airport.

o   The plane cannot wait for you and some airlines require check-ins to be complete 45 minutes before departure.

o   Check for what you can bring in a carry-on and what needs to go in a checked bag.

o   If you are arriving home and need help starting your car, digging out, etc., please find a customer care agent or airport public safety officer in the terminal, or call 309-757-1768 and dial 0.


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