Trouble in the village: Trustee explains why she dialed 911 after East Galesburg town hall meeting

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A lot of disagreements and yelling took place between various board members during Tuesday night’s town hall meeting in East Galesburg.

Not much progress was made at that meeting, as board members did not see eye-to-eye on many topics. The main discussions were about finance and finding a bid to cut down three trees at a park.

Tension escalated immediately after the meeting when an argument broke out between the husband of Board Member Connie Miyler and another East Galesburg resident.

Miyler’s husband then approached the Local 4 News Crew, throwing verbal jabs, which resulted in the Knox County Sheriff’s Department being called to the scene.

Local 4 News spoke with East Galesburg Village Trustee Debra Cassens Wednesday, who explained why she resorted to dialing 911.

“We had a resident that decided he wanted to discuss things with you about the media and about stuff like that,” said Cassens. “He… I don’t know if you want to say… Attacked… Verbally… Another resident about things that you may not wanna say to another person.”

This wasn’t the first time after a town hall meeting that police had to be called.

“It’s been a while. You know, it’s been quite a few years ago,” said Cassens. “It happened a couple of times when Connie Miyler was mayor.”

Cassens, who has been working for the Village of East Galesburg since 1998, says yelling at the town hall meetings is nothing new and has grown tiresome.

“This is ridiculous,” said Cassens. “It’s terrible for adults to act like this.”

Due to the village still not having a police force, the Knox County Sheriff’s Department is handling matters in East Galesburg.

Not having a police force has become worrisome among residents. Local 4 News spoke to an East Galesburg resident who wished to remain anonymous about their thoughts regarding a lack of police officers.

“Thankfully, we haven’t had any really big problems since then, but apparently, it takes at least 10 to 15 minutes for the Knox County sheriff to get here,” said the resident. “That’s quite disturbing if there would be a 911 call.”

The next Village of East Galesburg town hall meeting is scheduled for the third Monday of March at 100 E. 1st Street, where they are expected to discuss the next steps toward getting a new police force.

More information regarding Tuesday’s meeting is available here.

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