Truck drivers continue to navigate through Covid on the front lines

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The heroes on the front lines of the pandemic are continuing to navigate through the challenging times. That includes truck drivers who are still making sure that deliveries are made so stores can be stocked up on essentials.

Aaron Neff is a truck driver who was just rewarded with a free car for his hard work since March. He says that it’s been very tough, but the job still has to be done.

“As long as people are ordering from Amazon and Walmart and that stuff we’re still working.”

Truck drivers are among the many people that are still on the front lines putting themselves at risk during the pandemic.

“It’s scary. We run the risk everyday of getting sick, but a lot of us have been fortunate. We haven’t had any infections yet. We’ve been lucky.”

There are many new challenges that the truck drivers now face due to new COVID-19 protocols.

“There are a lot more restrictions from our shippers and receivers. We couldn’t go in the building even to use the restroom. We had to improvise there. They put a lot of porta stalls outside, but it’s been a challenge.”

The drivers are motivated to overcome those obstacles because they know that failing to get products to a destination would have a major domino effect.

“If we don’t do our jobs that Hy-Vee down the street will be empty. A lot of people go to that Hy-Vee to get their groceries.”

Wenger Truck Line owner Robert Murray is extremely proud of his team as they have dealt with all of the uncertainty during the pandemic.

“I can’t explain enough about the difficulties that they face day in and day out. I mean just the restaurants, food, all the rules that they have to abide by they have so many challenges.”

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