The heat didn’t stop some people from enjoying the Mississippi Valley Fair.

In fact, some people even entered the corn-dog-eating and jalapeno-eating contests Saturday afternoon.

Crowds cheered on contestants as they scruffed down corn dogs as fast as humanly possible.

Just one person came out on top: Contestant David Rose ate 10 corn dogs in two-and-a-half minutes, setting a new record at the fair.

His mother was there cheering him on and says she wasn’t surprised by her son’s victory.

“No, i’m not surprised, because we go out to restaurants and he’ll get a big plate of food, heap over, and he’s done before anybody else at the table, and we ask him if he even tasted it. so I knew, I had faith, I knew he’d win.”

For his victory, Rose was given a $500 cash reward. His mother says he’s going to use it to take her out for dinner.

If eating corn dogs in the heat wasn’t hot enough for you, people also joined the jalapeno-eating contest. The rules state you get no water until you’re done. The winner of this contest walked away with a $150 prize, as well as a free order of Tacos at Ganzo’s in Davenport.