Tutoring services see a surge in demand as schools are gearing up to reopen

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The tutoring business is gearing up with schools starting soon, and the pandemic is creating a unique situation for families.

As districts announce reopening plans, some parents are trying to make their plans with schools starting soon.

For some, that includes getting a tutor.

Dana Huss, Director of Northside Learning Center in Davenport, says there has been a surge in demand.

“We’ve had parents pick up to three days a week. They’ve added more tutoring sessions. We’ve had a lot of calls from people who say, ‘I need to do something now,'” says Huss.

Huss says parents are concerned about how they will work while their children learn from home.

“A lot of families are doing small daycares simply because they do have to go to work. Their jobs can’t be done remotely. They need an income coming in to support their families, and so being able to not send their child to school is a huge stressor.”

She says some parents worry that online learning is the same as home schooling.

“In home schooling, I am totally responsible for my children’s education. If you’re online through a public school system, having that teacher who’s there helping you to help your child, I think that’s very valuable.”

Really, the most important thing Huss says to do is just stay consistent with your child.

“Whether it’s home schooling, or whether it’s doing it online. When they know every morning, ‘I’m going to get up and go to school and do this.’ That’s consistency, that adds value.”

Huss also mentions, as the pandemic brings concerns and frustrations, it’s important to remember that the uncertainty is not only hard on you as parents, but also for your kids.

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